Thursday, 7 July 2011

Moving On ....

Life changes and takes new roads.  In this case I am moving on, and so is my blog. 

My life has met a major fork in the road recently.  I have left the Warehouse and the comparative comfort of a corporate job and I am setting up my own consulting practice.

My personal focus remains the same.  That is looking to harness the power of technology and create value for businesses, communities, families and individuals but my business focus changes a little.  Rather than being a  CIO with the aim of  delivering value of  technology investments for one organisation I am intending to work with many CIOs, CXOs and senior technology executives and supporting them to be successful in delivering value from their technology investments to their organisations.

 As a result of this my blog is changing.  This blog will continue to capture my personal thoughts and ideas however my more business related ideas will move to a new blog at  If you like some of my ideas or are intrigued please, join me there.


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