Monday, 24 January 2011

LGP'ers - Welcome to 2011!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011!  Well, 2010 was an interesting year for the Life Game Project.  We achieved a number of really good things.  My favorites are:
  • The release of the LGP video.  Thanks to everyone who gave their time for this, especially thank you to Reuben Pillsbury who was the creative brains behind the video and produced the video.  Awesome Reuben!!
  • Relaunching our website in Joomla which has many in built features and a strong development community that will allow us to advance the site.  More on this later.
  • Forming an agreement with Brian Lawrence and the Ark to provide tech logistics to LGP.
As well as the good things we have achieved we have learnt a lot about how to not make substantial progress as a self managed community.  We have really struggled to turn inspiration for LGP into forward momentum.  Ian and I have taken advice and thought about why this is. Our conclusion is that there are two really important things currently missing from LGP:
  1. Clarity about what people who want to support LGP can actually do, rather than a general invitation to exercise your passion in an area that supports LGP.
  2. A central point of contact as the "Go To" person who coordinates all LGP activity.   
What does this mean for 2011?  

It means we have 2 key initiatives for the beginning of 2011 that we believe will allow us to accelerate our progress in 2011.  These are:
  1. Help bridge the gap between inspiration and action by continuing to develop  - with the priority on ‘gamifying’ it to provide clearly defined tasks, quests and roles for LGP volunteers to undertake.
  2. Appoint an LGP Manager as the central point for all things LGP.  We see this as a part time paid role with the primary responsibility to support and coordinate all LGP volunteer and community activity.  If you are interested or know someone who would be brilliant at the job please contact either of the LGP Co-Founders; Owen McCall or Ian Howard.  Be warned; after an initial period one of the responsibilities of this role will be to source the funding for this key role.
 So here’s to 2011 and here’s to LGP taking better steps towards supporting New Zealand becoming a place where everyone is safe and loved.

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