Friday, 16 October 2009

LGP Fundamentals - an Update

LGP Purpose

Games for Living; Supporting New Zealand as a place where everybody is safe and loved by harnessing the power of immersive games technology to foster the development of life skills and positive lifestyle choices.


We believe that collaboration and leadership occurs naturally in an environment where everyone feels safe and loved. We do this by:

  • living life with a sense of play
  • acting with integrity and for the highest good of all
  • learning and improving
  • seeing people as the best they can be
  • encouraging action
  • being open and inclusive


1. Create a self managing framework for the New Zealand IT industry and Educationalists to engage and connect New Zealanders with today's immersive games experience to teach life skills in fun and sustainable ways.

2. Deliver a pilot LGP Project by Christmas 2009

3. Measurably impact the lives of 2,000 kiwis, their family and friends through the delivery of immersive games technology by Christmas 2012 by:

  • Establishing 50 effective Games Delivery Operations by Christmas 2012
  • Commissioning two immersive games for our communities and for sale

Operations Guidelines

  • LGP delivers Products and Services through LGP Projects based around individual Underserved Communities
  • LGP people honour the LGP Values
  • LGP Teams collaborate to establish and support LGP Projects that deliver measureable outcomes to Underserved Communities
  • LGP Projects contribute to the LGP Purpose and BHAGs
  • Each LGP Team develops and applies effective Selection Criteria and Outcome Metrics

Finance and Administration

The LGP is looking for an existing and related registered Charitable Trust as a home that will support, nurture and administer us so that we can concentrate on ‘doing stuff.’ Is this you?


To participate and Do LGP Stuff, start by joining the LinkedIn Life Game Project Group and Subgroup that suits you best ...

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